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Product Name: Imaging Colorimeter and Photometer
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Product Details
Brief DescriptionImaging Luminancemeter meets the various measurement needs of FPD, backlit
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Detailed Product Description

Imaging Luminancemeter meets the various measurement needs of FPD, backlit keyboards, and LED lighting. RayClouds provides C-Series Imaging Colorimeter and L-Series Imaging Luminancemeter. C-Series Imaging Colorimeter provide excellent luminance and color measurement and L-Series Imaging Luminancemeter is ideal for high precision, high speed luminance measurement. Imaging Luminancemeter is based on a scientific-grade CCD sensor with high resolution. The sensor enables pixel-level measurements of the FPD and display measurement of backlight, keyboard characters, automotive panel luminance differences, and high-precision LED luminance and chromaticity measurements.
Based on the specific requirements of customers. We not only provide various standard optical measuring instruments, but also provide a customized system integration solution.
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