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New Product
Product Name: CS-Series Spectrometer
Product Code:
Product Details
Brief DescriptionCS-Series spectrometer used in R&D, which adapt HAMAMATSU TE-cooled
Place of Originchina
Detailed Product Description
CS-Series spectrometer used in R&D, which adapt HAMAMATSU TE-cooled back-illuminated CCD detector, the second is symmetrical low-stray optical path design. Compared with general spectrometer for sale, CS-Series with high sensitivity, low stray light, wide dynamic range, high repeatability stability and so on. It is suitable for company's R&D, national local photoelectric laboratory and professional testing organizations.
High Sensitivity
With HAMAMATSU detector, back-illuminated CCD sensor, which make CS-6500 internal TE cooling, BINNING and other excellent features.
Based on the specific requirements of customers. We not only provide various standard optical measuring instruments, but also provide a customized system integration solution.
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