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New Product
Product Name: Gold Fingers PCB
Product Code:
Product Details
Brief DescriptionGold Fingers PCB
Place of Originchina
Special FeaturesGold Fingers PCB
Payment and Shipping Terms
Fob Price30  -  210  USD
Payment TermsOthers:cash
Delivery Time4-7days
Detailed Product Description
Among the large-scale use of PCI and optical modules and cable sockets, the gold fingers PCB has been divided into: long and short gold fingers, broken gold fingers, split gold fingers, gold finger plates in the process of processing, need to pull gold-plated wire, conventional gold finger processing is relatively simple, the length of the circuit board fingers require strict control of the gold finger lead and requires a second etching to complete. Broken gold finger PCB than length The difficulty of the gold finger is increased, and the dry film is required to be processed three times. The lead does not need to be left for 4 times to complete the production of the gold finger .90% of companies are unable to process the control of the golden finger.
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