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New Product
Product Name: Aosion Ultrasonic + Electromagnetic Bugs / Spider Repeller A
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Product Details
Brief DescriptionAosion Ultrasonic + Electromagnetic Bugs / Spider Repeller AN-A325 Features:
Place of Originchina
Payment and Shipping Terms
Fob Price3  -  20  
Payment TermsL/C,T/T,Western Union
Detailed Product Description
2. This electromagnetic spider repeller is harmless for people and pets, and it does not interfere with electrical or electronic equipment.
3. It does not only repel spiders away but can chase various pest, such as bugs, fleas, dust mite, cockroach, silverfish, etc.
4. This electromagnetic bug repeller is transparent and to the emitted LED light, it also functions as a pleasant and useful nightlight that turns on at sunset and turns off when daylight comes.
5. This Bugs / Spider Repeller covers an area of up to 200 square meters.
6. For optimal coverage, it is recommended to use a device in every room or enclosed area.
7. When you start using this Bugs / Plug In Spider Repeller, it is normal to see increased spiders activity since the spiders and pest are highly disturbed by ultrasonic bug repellent, Soon they will leave the area covered by the device.
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