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Product Name: High quality Adhesive Medical Silicone Scar Removal Silicone

Product Details
Brief DescriptionScar Gel (Medical Silicone Gel Dressing)
Product Name: Medical Silicone Gel Dressing


Detailed Product Description
Scar Gel (Medical Silicone Gel Dressing)
Product Name: Medical Silicone Gel Dressing

Application: Apply this product to Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Burn Surgery, Dermatological Department, Gynecology & Obstetrics Department and some other surgeries.

Mechanism: Provide biological environment to reduce moisture evaporation and promote skin hydration by ensuring the skin to breath. Separate the necrotic tissue to promote granulation.

Material superiority: medical polymer materials imported from USA
Formula superiority: polymer gel- biological adhesion gel imported from overseas.
Property superiority: hydrogel matrix-fine and smooth. Proper consistency and thickness; do not pollute clothing and easy to cleaning for non-greasy; odourless and colorless, can inject quickly into the skin by rubbing. Film-formation ability: a thin transparent film which is breathable and waterproof can be formed after applying this product to the sc......url:

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