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Selling Leads
Subject: Hook Magnets

Selling Lead Type:Sell
Post Date:8/4/2022 17:51:39
Expiry Date:7/7/2022
Mininum Order Qty.:1 Piece(s)
Company Certification:
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FOB Price (per unit):0 ⇒ US Dollar
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Detailed Selling Leads Description
Industrial magnetic hooks
Material Sintered?Neodymium?Iron?Boron,?Steel
Dimensions Diameter Min.16?mm—Max.136?mm
Pull?Force 12?lbs?—?900?lbs
Magnetization?Orientation Axial
Magnetic?Properties Grade Max.?Operating?Temperatures
N35-N52 80°C??(176°F)
Remanence(Br) 11,300?Gauss?—??14,800?Gauss
Coercive?Force(Hcb) 10,000?Oersted?—?11,600?Oersted
Intrinsic?Coercive?Force(Hcb) 11,000?Oersted?—?12,000?Oersted
Magnetic?Energy?Product?(BH) 33M?GOe?—?53M?GOe
Surface?Treatment Ni-Cu-Ni,?Nickel,?Zn

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