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Selling Leads
Subject: RQ-120-B Automatic CNC EDM Notch

Selling Lead Type:Sell
Post Date:4/11/2022 10:52:41 AM
Expiry Date:7/10/2022
Mininum Order Qty.:100 Piece(s)
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FOB Price (per unit):0 ⇒ US Dollar
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Detailed Selling Leads Description

"RQ-120-B Electric Pulse Automatic CNC EDM notches" is a precise instrument specially developed by Nanjing BKN Automation System Co., Ltd. for making inspection sample bars. It can be processed by controlled electric sparking method. It can be used to make longitudinal and transverse standard artificial grooves, rectangular blocks with equal depths and circular holes with equal depths on the inner and outer walls of steel tubes and bars.

RQ-120-B Automatic CNC EDM Notch Cutter Introduction

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