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New Product
Product Name: Gibraltar container for artificial insemination KGSQ

Product Details
Brief DescriptionKGSQ liquid nitrogen biological container is mainly used to store animal semen of cattle, sheep, horses and other mammals.
Model NoYDS-16
Materialaviation aluminum alloy
Place of OriginChina
typestorage or transport
FeaturesVacuum insulation
Payment and Shipping Terms
Payment TermsL/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
Min. Order Quantity1
Capacity6000 sets per month
Delivery Time1-7

Detailed Product Description
For the safety of frozen semen, please pay attention to the following points when using livestock liquid nitrogen tanks:
1. When storing and withdrawing frozen semen, the lifting tube is only allowed to be lifted below the mouth of the tank, and the time out of liquid nitrogen shall not exceed 10 seconds. If necessary, it must be immersed again before extraction;
2. When transferring frozen semen, the lifting tube should not be separated from the liquid nitrogen for more than 5 seconds;
3. After storing frozen semen, the tank plug should be capped in time to reduce the number and time of opening the cap plug to reduce liquid nitrogen consumption and prevent foreign matter from falling into the tank;
4. Frozen semen of different varieties should be numbered clearly to avoid confusion.
5. Liquid nitrogen tanks used for long-term storage of frozen semen should be cleaned and scrubbed regularly to avoid collisions.
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