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Product Name: Black Storm 1

Product Details
Brief DescriptionBlack Storm 1
N≥100g/L ??P2O5≥100g/L ??K2O≥100g/L ?organic matter≥100g/L ?fulvic ac......url:

Detailed Product Description
Black Storm 1
N≥100g/L ??P2O5≥100g/L ??K2O≥100g/L ?organic matter≥100g/L ?fulvic acid ≥60g/L ?B+Mo≥5g/L.

1.?N:P:K = 1:1:1,Balance formula comprehensive nutrition, can meet nutrition requirement of various crops,rich in N,P,K and chelate micro-element,scientific proportion, promote the health growth of plants.
2.?Promote the growth of the root, applied 3-7days, new root bourgeoning,increase secondary root, Enhance the ability of plants to absorb nutrients and water,promote cell division and accelerate crop growth.
3.?Internodes shortened?,reduce plant height,controlling growth of twig.
4.?High content of fulvic acid promotes the formation of soil pellet structure,Adjust the water, fertilizer, gas, heat condition of soil, enhance the capacity?of?water and?nutrient?preserving,prevent?soil?hardening and salinization.raise photosynthetic rate,improve?the ability of?cold resistance.

Application Method:
1.Foliar spray: Diluted ......url:

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